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Enriching Literacy - the transfer of skills


The Primary Language Curriculum

How Enriching English Came About

Enriching English 

Enriching Gaeilge

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An exciting new way to teach LITERACY....that children LOVE!

"What a course! I have done many courses and this was hands down the most enjoyable and I felt I got the most out of it. The course is well laid out and easy to follow. The Enriching English programme is exactly what is needed in Irish classrooms. A simple, to the point, easy to use programme that uses very little resources and can be adapted to any piece of reading or topic that the teacher chooses. It is easy to envisage this programme being used in the classroom and it would make planning and assessing much easier for the teacher. The fact that it can be tied in with and lends itself very well to the new primary language curriculum is also a big bonus. I am delighted that I chose to do this course and I am grateful for all of the practical skills and ideas I have learned."


Creates a fun, active learning environment as the children develop their comprehension and writing skills.


Develops confidence and enhances speaking skills.


Inspires creativity, critical thinking and peer teaching.

Enriching English.......creating that vital link between reading, writing and oral language.

"I think this course is very resourceful to all educators. It helps to refocus your mind in relation to the English curriculum and will aid my teaching daily in the classroom and not just in English but in all curricular areas."


Comprehension Techniques

Directed talk and discussion




Genre Writing

What makes a successful author?

Vocabulary development

Oral Language (Speaking Skills)

Public speaking techniques

Group work

Pair work

"My daughter loved participating in the Enriching English programme. As an avid reader she loved the challenge of critical thinking, expressing her own thoughts and opinions about the books she had read and illustrations she had seen. She also loved the active approach to learning a language. She gained a huge amount from the group work and peer teaching involved. "


" I liked the practicality of it all. I liked the video/demo and examples, the continual assessment and the mixed ability pairing. I would absolutely put it into practice straight away in my classroom."

Mainstream Class Teacher

" Very informative. Excellent way of making reading more interesting and fun. Easier to assess where they are and when to move on. "

Mainstream Class Teacher

"Love the way the children question each other and are involved in each others learning."

Support Teacher

"Very clear and informative. It was very good to see the programme in use and actually working in the classroom. "


"Excellent presentation. Clearly useful, I can see how the children would engage with this."

Mainstream Class Teacher

" I believe it would be very beneficial, especially with children who lack confidence/ struggle with comprehension."

Mainstream Class Teacher

" It links with the strategies I currently use. Excellent."

Mainstream Class Teacher

" Very informative, interesting, thought provoking. Knits together what we are all using in a systematic, structured approach. Will be implementing this ASAP."

Mainstream Class Teacher

" Yes. I need a new approach to stimulate English lessons and can't wait to start Enriching English."

Mainstream Class Teacher

" Already planning how I'll roll it out. I have a mixed ability second class and find it hard to differentiate. This programme totally addresses it. "

Second Class Teacher

" It is practical and to the point. It shows how to assess. Practical group work shown."


" It would get every child busy at once and allow for the children to learn from each other. Inspiring presentation, all buzzed up now about English."



"I would highly recommend the Enriching English Programme. It has certainly helped me to evaluate my approach to teaching English, my areas of strength and the areas I can improve upon this year. It is a very comprehensive and well structured course and I will be incorporating many of the techniques I have learned from it."

"I really enjoyed participating in this course. The programme is a really useful and easy to implement into our English lessons. The content was so appropriate and engaging and the assignments were all relative to our own teaching practices and made us think how we can improve these going forward which CPD should always be about. I would definitely take another summer course from you guys in the future."

"I really enjoyed this course. I found the course to be very practical and easily implemented in the classroom. I loved the videos of each tag being used in the classroom, it gave a great insight into how I could implement it in the classroom."

"Really enjoyed this summer course. Very easy to bring this to the classroom and content is straight forward and uncomplicated. Great course, thank you Julie!"

"I thought this was a very good course overall. I really liked the ideas given to enhance reading lessons in my classroom and look forward to using them in the coming school year. I would be very interested in doing another course along the same lines. I thought the videos were very informative and helpful."

"Excellent course. Very easy to follow . I look forward to using Enriching English in my classroom this year."

"This was a fantastic, straightforward course. It explained the programme extremely well in simple steps and highlighted just how well pair and group work can be integrated into it. I cannot wait to start using the programme in my own class!"

"Thank you for providing such an insightful and informative course. It has been thoroughly enjoyable and I can’t wait to implement it in the classroom in both English and then in Gaeilge. The best course yet, well done!"


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